Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Stanford Prison Experiment

The Stanford Prison Experiment was a very shocking and disturbing experiment that went out of hand. Several psychology students where acting as prisoners and guards in a prison like environment. The guards were unable to strike of physically harm the prisoners but, just after a few days a prisoner was hit (The Stanford Prison Experiment a film by Kyle Patrick). Keep in mind these guards had no formal training and the prisoners where far from criminals. I think this can be closely related to mob mentality due to how the guards have acted during the experiment. Despite what the guards have been instructed to do they as a group where triumphed by evil and lost all humanity. When it comes down to the bottom line even if good people are put in an evil place; evil will triumph. An example of a similar situation in The Lord of the Flies is contained in chapter 9 when the mob kills Simon and rolls him off a cliff. This example of mob mentality is surprisingly similar to The Stanford Prison Experiment because of the boys actions and environment. In both situations relatively innocent people are put in and uncivilized evil situation and then they both proceed to act out of savagery to hurt others. These two situations show that good people in bad places are able to become bad as well.

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